Moonset over Lincoln Glen Park

This morning just before the full moon set at 5:50 AM:

Photo taken looking west from the Willows Community Center parking lot on Lincoln Ave, near the tall Cedar tree. (Across the street from Elva’s Coffee Stop.)


… don’t forget golf courses!

Ballot Measures for the November 4, 2008 Election


This proposed charter amendment would give the City Council the right to approve park use agreements for 30 years at a time, without voter approval, in parks larger than five acres, if the agreement would enhance the recreation purpose of the park.

Currently, the City Charter only allows the City Council to enter into agreements for three years at a time except for parks where the longer agreements have been approved by the voters.

The three-year maximum limits the City’s ability to attract private companies to enter into sponsorship and operating agreements in those parks, which in turn provide funding for the improvement of facilities, such as pools, community centers and soccer fields.

The proposed revision would encourage private companies to make financial investments in exchange for lease periods long enough to obtain a return on their investment.

The charter provision would require that the long-term agreement must enhance the recreational opportunities of the park.

This measure would require a simple majority vote (50% +1) to pass.

Important Information

Memo from Councilmember Oliverio

TO: San Jose City Council
SUBJECT: Reconsider Ballot Measure
Regarding Park land / Proposed Fire House 37

FROM: Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio
DATE: July 30 , 2008


I respectfully request that the issue of using Lincoln Glen Park for the proposed Fire House 37 be included with Agenda Item 3.7 (Proposed Ballot Measures) at the August 5, 2008 San Jose City Council meeting for discussion and for the city council to reconsider it’s prior vote allowing this measure to be placed on the ballot for the November 2008 election.

At the June 19, 2008 council meeting, important information was not available for the public discussion regarding the request to place on the ballot the use of parkland for the proposed Fire House 37.

I believe that it is in the Council’s best interest that this issue is heard again, which will give the San Jose Fire Department and the City Managers office the opportunity to provide the council with the appropriate data, maps, and a list of the other proposed sites that were investigated for the proposed Fire House. This information was not included at the June 19th council meeting nor was it included in the memo “Fire Station Construction-Lincoln Glen Park Site Ballot Measure” dated May 22, 2008, which was the memo given for this issue, Therefore, in my opinion; the council did not have all the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding this matter.

Power to the Council

SJ City Council Agenda for 8/5/08

3.7 Council Discussion, Consideration, and Action on the Submission of Various Ballot Measures for the November 4, 2008 Election.

Recommendation: Council discussion and consideration of various ballot measures for the November 4, 2008 Election and adoption of resolutions calling and giving notice of, on its own motion, Special Municipal Elections to be held on November 4, 2008 to submit to the electors of the City of San José the following measures:

(4) A measure entitled “Long Term Agreements in Certain City Parks” to amend the City Charter to permit the Council to enter into long term agreements WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.

City Council Special Meeting – Video/Audio

San Jose City Council voted yesterday to adopt a resolution ordering the submission to the electors of the City, at the Municipal Election to be held in November, a measure entitled “Fire Station Construction – Lincoln Glen Park site”.

The resolution passed. Three councilmembers, Pierluigi Oliverio, Kansen Chu, and Vice Mayor David Cortese, voted against the resolution.

The park land open space, next door to Willows Senior Center, is owned by the city.

SJ City Council – June 19

The video and audio of this City Council Special Meeting – 06/19/08 is linked from and is posted at Watch or Hear City Council Meetings Live Online

Discussion concerning the Lincoln Glen Park site starts at one hour and 37 minutes (1:37:14 to be exact) into the recordings.