Paragliding at Pacifica


This was me ridge soaring at the coast years ago when I was very daring, and didn’t bruise so easily. I’ve also done thermals, but have retired my wing and plan to stay on the ground from now on after being convinced earlier this year at Ed Levin that it might be too much fun to live with.


Drummer from Spinal Tap?

This poor guy was determined to tote all of his equipment, including his farmers market purchases, on top of this one little wagon. His load dropped to the pavement over and over again, snare drum and tom-tom rolling in different directions, until he wisely gave up and made a couple of trips instead of doing it all at once. Until then, he had everyone’s attention (and sympathy).

One of his drumsticks, which had rolled all the way to this coffee shop patron, was returned to him, as was the fresh-lit cigarette which dropped out of his mouth during these antics. Bystanders helped gather scattered strawberries several times.

Really Wild Pool Party

Those screechings you may have heard last night at 3 AM were coming from our backyard.  I ran out there with a flashlight and found a couple of raccoons swimming in the pool. The bright light scared one of them into climbing out and up the fence.  The other continued dog paddling in circles nonchalantly in the water.  It had sounded like they were fighting with each other. Maybe just having a good time.

By the time I fetched my camera, this one was off into the neighbors yard.


Remember that 1968 Burt Lancaster movie “The Swimmer“?