Bicycle Thief

Person stole my Jamis Coda Comp (silver 23) bicycle which was parked in front of Burger King (next to the Almaden Theater) at the Willow Glen Plaza on March 27. If you know this guy or have seen him, please contact me at 408-705-0969 for REWARD!

Outside camera captured this movie:




Scooter Accident – Lincoln/Lincoln

7:25 PM – Screech of tires; sound of impact:


Apparently, a young girl was driving the scooter with a passenger (her father?) and twisted the throttle too fast. Her passenger fell off and she lost control of the scooter. Then she ran into a car that was pulling out of the side street, perhaps too quickly.

The impact sent her flying and her helmet came off in the air.

7:31 – Fire engine paramedics arrive.
7:34 – Police and ambulance arrive.


There was a very small amount of blood on the street, perhaps from a cut on the side of her head. She was conscious the entire time on the street, and in some pain.


At the Safeway on San Carlos & Race Street the bike rack looks safe. It’s in front of a big open window, open to the parking lot, on a patio with lots of people going in at out at 6:30 PM.

There were two hawkers outside the doors on this Tuesday night, and the store security guard was on duty, yet my bicycle was stolen!

The thief must have taken some time to pick the lock, or used a bolt cutter to separate the steel cable. He left a cheap BMX bicycle, unlocked, there in place of this one.

2007 Metallic Blue XL Cannondale Road Warrior 400 #S091147. Had pedal clip-ons, water bottle holder, battery tail-light mounted low on left rear fork.  Made in U.S.A.