Scooter Accident – Lincoln/Lincoln

7:25 PM – Screech of tires; sound of impact:


Apparently, a young girl was driving the scooter with a passenger (her father?) and twisted the throttle too fast. Her passenger fell off and she lost control of the scooter. Then she ran into a car that was pulling out of the side street, perhaps too quickly.

The impact sent her flying and her helmet came off in the air.

7:31 – Fire engine paramedics arrive.
7:34 – Police and ambulance arrive.


There was a very small amount of blood on the street, perhaps from a cut on the side of her head. She was conscious the entire time on the street, and in some pain.

Crash at the Corner

Echoing through the neighborhood this afternoon, the sound of a serious car accident. As usual, it was at Lincoln & Malone:

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No one was hurt seriously except the passenger sitting in the right car. She seemed to be in a state of shock and eventually left the scene on a stretcher.

The little pedestrian with the scooter was also hurt, but I don’t know how that happened.

This intersection seems to be a more dangerous than most. Why is that?

Botts’ Dots

Street department recently added 32 (why does it say 23?) to mark the lanes and provide tactile feedback to drivers:

Named after Elbert Botts, a Caltrans engineer, botts’ dots are round nonreflective raised pavement markers, made of ceramic or plastic and fastened to the road with epoxy.

(Hint: Click on the above image to stretch the view.)