Grocery Cart Etiquette

This afternoon in Safeway’s parking lot, a young lady loaded groceries into her car, left her grocery cart right behind my car, then drove away. I don’t know what to make of this:

I ran up with my camera. She must have seen the flash and heard me calling after her, but she just ignored me.


Men At Work – June 4

They’ve started tearing up our street:

At first glance you wouldn’t think there is anything wrong with our street, no potholes or such, but this is what I was told:

We’re prepping for a keep-seal program. What we’re doing is taking out the bad stuff, putting in the good stuff. And then over the summer, or in about a month or so … it’s a two part process. The first part is the gravel and oil. Oil and rock will go down as the first sealer, and in about a month after that we’re going to put a black scooter seal on top of it. The oil is thick enough and has polymers and things like that to seal the cracks. That will seal the street to save it for another twenty years.