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Ballot Measures for the November 4, 2008 Election


This proposed charter amendment would give the City Council the right to approve park use agreements for 30 years at a time, without voter approval, in parks larger than five acres, if the agreement would enhance the recreation purpose of the park.

Currently, the City Charter only allows the City Council to enter into agreements for three years at a time except for parks where the longer agreements have been approved by the voters.

The three-year maximum limits the City’s ability to attract private companies to enter into sponsorship and operating agreements in those parks, which in turn provide funding for the improvement of facilities, such as pools, community centers and soccer fields.

The proposed revision would encourage private companies to make financial investments in exchange for lease periods long enough to obtain a return on their investment.

The charter provision would require that the long-term agreement must enhance the recreational opportunities of the park.

This measure would require a simple majority vote (50% +1) to pass.


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