City Council Special Meeting – Video/Audio

San Jose City Council voted yesterday to adopt a resolution ordering the submission to the electors of the City, at the Municipal Election to be held in November, a measure entitled “Fire Station Construction – Lincoln Glen Park site”.

The resolution passed. Three councilmembers, Pierluigi Oliverio, Kansen Chu, and Vice Mayor David Cortese, voted against the resolution.

The park land open space, next door to Willows Senior Center, is owned by the city.

SJ City Council – June 19

The video and audio of this City Council Special Meeting – 06/19/08 is linked from and is posted at Watch or Hear City Council Meetings Live Online

Discussion concerning the Lincoln Glen Park site starts at one hour and 37 minutes (1:37:14 to be exact) into the recordings.


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2 thoughts on “City Council Special Meeting – Video/Audio”

  1. A fire station at the Willows Sr. Ctr is ill-considered. Let’s retain #6 and put one closer to the area to be served, farther SW.

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