Park Land vs Fire Station

This Willow Glen Resident Article article says the property is currently set aside for park use only. Why don’t they keep #6, plan to build a smaller station, and use the money saved to buy available property at a better location?

The location, size and availability of the parking lot adjacent to Willows Senior Center at 2175 Lincoln Ave. have made the property San Jose’s top choice to build a new fire station in Willow Glen.

The city already owns the land, which means the department doesn’t have to wait for a willing seller or spend an estimated $1.5 million to $2 million to purchase new land. “We are at the end of the line as far as funds available to buy property,” Bohn said, adding that purchasing land would hinder other projects.

Construction of Station No. 37 is estimated to cost $6.2 million. Shifting resources to South Willow Glen would reduce service levels in the area directly west of Cherry Hill up to Leigh Avenue, Bohn added.

The Willows property is currently set aside for park use only. As a result, voters would have to approve it as a site for the fire station. The earliest the project would be put on the ballot is November, Bohn said.

This big tree is scheduled to be replaced by Fire Station #37

The Big Tree, an Incense Cedar. Traffic at the Curtner & Lincoln.


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One thought on “Park Land vs Fire Station”

  1. Very cool blog! I am concerned about noise, the impact on traffic at that busy corner, the cutting of that old tree and taking of parkland, the impact (parking and otherwise) on the seniors who use the Senior Center, and the duplication of resources with station no. 6 only about a mile away. Because the stations, existing and new, would be so close, it’s unclear how a response time of under 8 minutes could be effected by building a new station on city parkland.

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