New Neighborhood Fire Station – Meeting Notes

Meeting started on time at 6:30 and lasted until after 8 PM. Tom Bohn, Deputy Director at City of San Jose, made the presentation.

The money to tear down Station #6 and build this one is coming from the Library Bond Measure “O”. It provides $6.4 million to build brand new fire stations. $800 will come from selling the old #6 Fire Station land to developers. It was stated that the money is not allowed to be used for anything else.

More research is planned before this becomes reality. Risk, Hazard and Value Evaluation, or RHAVE, is the program expected to show the impending effect of Signal Pre-emption, the technology allowing emergency vehicles to get through traffic signals faster.

It was stated that no evidence was found that having a fire station built next door to a property had any effect on its value.

The issue of noise pollution was avoided completely until questioned about it, and even then with evasion. Apparently, noise pollution is a sore spot with proponents, too.



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6 thoughts on “New Neighborhood Fire Station – Meeting Notes”

  1. Similar movement of fire stations took place in 2007:

    Thanks to funding from the Measure O public safety bond, which passed in 2002, Station 17 is just one of many slated to be replaced and relocated. Neighboring Station 12 is being relocated to 5912 Cahalan Drive, for a combined cost of about $6.8 million, Bohn said.

    D.L. Falk Construction Inc. superintendent Ted Winskowski, who is handling building on the site, said he’s ready for the task at hand. “It’s a challenge to build something with all the high traffic, people walking, kids–getting it up in a timely manner and keeping the customer happy.”

  2. Articles from March 2007 (Why isn’t the fire station being located closer to the new development?):

    Station No. 37 is planned for the Willow Glen-Cambrian neighborhood; no site has been chosen, nor has a construction timeline been developed. Close to 1,000 residential units are scheduled to be built near the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Race Street, and a few blocks away the former Del Monte Cannery has been tapped for a 390 single-family home development instead of on park land in an established residential.

  3. Almaden, November 2007:

    Fire Station No. 12 will relocate from 502 Calero Ave. to 5912 Cahalan Ave., and Fire Station No. 17 will move from 1494 Ridgewood Drive to 5170 Coniston Way. The firehouses are moving closer to Almaden Expressway and making room for another new station near Blossom Hill and Cottle roads. That building, home to Fire Station No. 35, opened on Nov. 16.

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