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The League of Women Voters has posted information about Measure L, including arguments for and against, and impartial analysis from the city attorney:

Parking lot to be replaced
Parking lot to be replaced by Fire Station 37

Note that Mayor Reed is in favor of cannibalizing park land; Vice-Mayor Cortese is against it.

MEASURE-L > City Departments > Clerk’s Office > City Election Information > November 4, 2008 > Ballots Measures

Fire Station Construction – Lincoln Glen Park

To improve fire suppression, emergency medical services and increase essential emergency facilities available for disaster response within the Willow Glen area, shall the City be authorized to construct a single-company fire station on up to 3/4 of an acre on a portion of the Lincoln Glen Park parking lot?

WGNA – August 13 Meeting

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association had its monthly Board meeting at last week.

A = Fire Station 6, B = Lincoln & Curtner, C = Foxworthy & Cherry
A = FS #6, B = Lincoln & Curtner, C = Foxworthy & Cherry

Discussion went well into the evening about Firestations 6 and 37, and if/how WGNA should respond to the forthcoming ballot measure.

Simply stated:

  • San Jose City Council wants to build Fire Station #37 on parkland at Lincoln near Curtner.  After that, Fire Station #6 would probably be closed.
  • WGNA wants to keep Fire Station #6 open and save the parkland.  If Fire Station #6 is to remain operational, then the city would do better to build Fire Station #37 at Foxworthy near Cherry.

It was decided that the WGNA should respond with a rebuttal to the measure. A prepared statement, crafted by Jean Dresden and read aloud by Harvey Darnell, was agreed to and applauded.

The final statement was (supposed to be) turned in before Tuesday at 4:59 PM. It was (soon to be) released to non-board members and posted to the WGNA website.