WGNA – August 13 Meeting

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association had its monthly Board meeting at last week.

A = Fire Station 6, B = Lincoln & Curtner, C = Foxworthy & Cherry
A = FS #6, B = Lincoln & Curtner, C = Foxworthy & Cherry

Discussion went well into the evening about Firestations 6 and 37, and if/how WGNA should respond to the forthcoming ballot measure.

Simply stated:

  • San Jose City Council wants to build Fire Station #37 on parkland at Lincoln near Curtner.  After that, Fire Station #6 would probably be closed.
  • WGNA wants to keep Fire Station #6 open and save the parkland.  If Fire Station #6 is to remain operational, then the city would do better to build Fire Station #37 at Foxworthy near Cherry.

It was decided that the WGNA should respond with a rebuttal to the measure. A prepared statement, crafted by Jean Dresden and read aloud by Harvey Darnell, was agreed to and applauded.

The final statement was (supposed to be) turned in before Tuesday at 4:59 PM. It was (soon to be) released to non-board members and posted to the WGNA website.


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