About Me

Design & develop internet software, create tools & utilities for processing & presenting information, provide solutions & technical support to local businesses & other professionals.

Program code in Java, C++, and PostScript on Mac OS X; teach PHP/MySQL for WordPress. Create databases and websites using Filemaker and Dreamweaver. Make maps, diagrammatic forms; post blogs; tweet on Twitter.

Hike & Bike, Camp; Paraglide; play Chess.

Enthusiastic about air sports and aviation in general. (Sailing ships, and rowing on the open sea are also attractive, but alas, in practice, too wet.)

Weaknesses: A) fresh-brewed cup of good coffee. B) unobstructed view of stars in the night sky.

“I like old-fashioned bound books; they have more flavor than speedireads, or projectos, or such.” – Lazarus Long, in Time Enough For Love by Robert Heinlein (1973)


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, I am desperate to buy raw goat milk, can you give me the address of the farm, please? It will help me a lot because it is very hard to find, thanks.

  2. Are the Best of Willow Glen people aware that their main site 404’s after the intro? Seeing the flash intro >> We like it here, then a fat 404 error is kind of all too telling of late..

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