New Backyard

newbackyardDusty, clay soil, re-bar everywhere; pray the ground won’t sink after the first rain (whenever that will be!).

This is just after our swimming pool, installed in 1978, was demolished and filled with dirt.


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2 thoughts on “New Backyard”

  1. Great pics-I have a question-who did your pool removal and do you have to have a permit to remove it? any info? thanks

  2. The company we contracted got the permit for us. They used new hires who worked without much supervision, all day long without breaks.

    They told us it would take several days. Actually took more than a week. They got the job done, but not without issues.

    When moving the scrap rebar, the bobcat driver ended up punching holes in the wall of the garage. I thought there was no excuse for doing that.

    He also broke a pipe on one side of the yard and two water pipes on the other side. He knew I wanted them saved.

    The supervisor did make repairs afterward, though, to most of the above.

    The fill dirt: If I had known better I would have rejected the last load. It was full of rocks and stones, with some broken glass and other scraps. Someone from the company should have rejected it first. Very irresponsible of them, I thought.

    No, the job wasn’t engineered; we’ll put a lawn and garden over the area.

    Recommend them? I don’t know. These demolition companies are probably all the same; you need to monitor their work.

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