Backyard Monster

Discovered this alligator lizard roaming around our compost pile, probably feeding on the worms:

Must have gotten comfortable; didn’t want to let go:

We’ve also discovered leathery eggs in the warmer parts of our backyard, so this might be the momma lizard.

I put her right back where I found her.

Now we know what lurks in the dark: REPTILE!

Q: Any advice on how to catch one?

A: Can’t grab one by the tail, of course. You’d end up with just a piece of tail.

They’ve got razor sharp teeth, but my skin is tough, so I’m not afraid of its bite. Their jaws at this size are not very powerful, anyway.

I just try to sneak up and gently pick it up from behind the head. They’ve got claws, but nothing to be frightened about.

The main thing is not to hurt them in any way. They’re very beneficial in the garden.


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