A Bitter Loss

From the San Jose Mercury News Website

Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio voted against placing a measure on the November ballot to convert parkland in his district into a site to build a new fire station.

Oliverio believed that building a new Fire Station 37 on part of a parking lot, next to the Willow Glen Senior Center at 2175 Lincoln Ave., would result in the closing of the existing Fire Station 6, less than two miles away.

Several residents were under the impression that the council was set on closing Fire Station 6, even though the city said the station will remain open indefinitely. Any future decision to close the station would have to go before the council.

Some council members were puzzled with Oliverio’s attempts to link the ballot measure with a closing of Fire Station 6.

“I think it is reasonable to get Fire Station 37 done and I am encouraging Councilman Oliverio to just be reasonable and logical about this,” said Councilman Forrest Williams.

Oliverio was attempting to get the council to undo its vote in June, when the council first voted to place the issue on the November ballot. Building the station requires voter approval because the site would be used for reasons other than park purposes.

Oliverio’s motion went down 6-5, with Reed and council members Williams, Madison Nguyen, Judy Chirco, Sam Liccardo and Nancy Pyle opposing, which keeps the issue on the ballot.

By Joshua Molina
Mercury News

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