Bond Measure O – San Jose 2002 Election

911, Fire, Police Paramedic, and Neighborhood Security Act

City of San Jose – March 5, 2002 Election

To improve San Jose’s fire, police, and paramedic response times by: adding and improving fire stations and police stations, training facilities, and creating state of the art 911 communications facilities, shall the City issue $159,000,000 in bonds, at the best rates possible, with the moneys deposited in a special account to be used only for these purposes and with annual expenditure reporting to a CITIZENS WATCHDOG COMMITTEE(?)

The bond proceeds could only be used for the construction of fire and police stations, training facilities and 911 communications facilities and the cost of land acquisition for these improvements. The maximum principal amount of the bonds cannot exceed $159 million. The bonds would be paid from additional property taxes levied on real property within the City.

The measure also requires the bond proceeds to be deposited in a special account and the creation of a citizens oversight or “watchdog” committee which will review annual reports of the expenditure of the bond proceeds.


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