Monday’s Community Meeting


Traffic & Safety are highest priority.



Permit/reference number: cp15-059


White Bird Found – is he yours?

This finch was on the backyard fence eating part of a fig, and didn’t fly away when we approached. (Seems to respond to the name Atticus, but maybe I’m projecting 😉


When I put our spare cage on the fence, he walked right into it and started eating the seeds and drinking the water.

Inside the house on the table with our parakeets there commenced a cacophony of BIRD TALK <-( Note: One of these 4 audio files might work without you having to do anything. )


He’s cute, but we’d like to find his owner before Twister and Wanker think about making a meal out of him.

whitefinch4What kind of canary is this?


The “Found Pet” flyer we posted at Elva’s Coffee Stop caught the eye of the owner. He came over right away and easily transferred Atticus to his home cage:


Anne and Mark’s Art Party

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA 95111 – September 2014









A private event since 2007, this artist-driven extravaganza has gone public. Started in Anne and Mark’s downtown house, it has grown organically through the years, making a detour through a warehouse, and is now taking over the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds where it will occupy over 30,000 square feet of exhibition space.

More than 300 artists and performers: Visual Art, Music, Spoken Word, Dance, Performance, Fire, Fashion and Film, Art Cars and Food Trucks.

Conceived as a One-Night-Stand for the Arts, the event has expanded to six days, with the Gala Opening on Saturday, September 20, 2014.


Scooter Accident – Lincoln/Lincoln

7:25 PM – Screech of tires; sound of impact:


Apparently, a young girl was driving the scooter with a passenger (her father?) and twisted the throttle too fast. Her passenger fell off and she lost control of the scooter. Then she ran into a car that was pulling out of the side street, perhaps too quickly.

The impact sent her flying and her helmet came off in the air.

7:31 – Fire engine paramedics arrive.
7:34 – Police and ambulance arrive.


There was a very small amount of blood on the street, perhaps from a cut on the side of her head. She was conscious the entire time on the street, and in some pain.