Ruined Relic

Church on Delmas burned down this morning. Google Street View shows it through backyards from Park Avenue.


Starvation & Exercise

Safeway Supermarket in the Willow Glen Plaza has left the neighborhood:


To help make up for the loss of convenient grocery shopping, we’ll be planting a larger garden this year. (Did someone mention a chicken coop and fresh eggs?)



Right next to Safeway’s vacated premises is a 24 Hour Fitness that seems to have grown by leaps and bounds.  It was crowded this Saturday evening.

We walked in for a tour and ended up trying out several machines, one of which made us (or at least me) want to keep at it.  I think they called it an elliptical something or other.

The prices for using the gym were all right; around $30 first and last month in advance and a $30 (probably negotiable) initiation fee.  They were unwilling to put this in writing, however.  Don’t know why, all the numbers are on their website.

Anyway, we’re not going to pursue it because there is no hot tub, steam room, or swimming pool.  Bring your own towels and locker locks.

The big advantage, of course, is that it is within walking distance.  But after walking there and back, who needs more exercise?


At the Safeway on San Carlos & Race Street the bike rack looks safe. It’s in front of a big open window, open to the parking lot, on a patio with lots of people going in at out at 6:30 PM.

There were two hawkers outside the doors on this Tuesday night, and the store security guard was on duty, yet my bicycle was stolen!

The thief must have taken some time to pick the lock, or used a bolt cutter to separate the steel cable. He left a cheap BMX bicycle, unlocked, there in place of this one.

2007 Metallic Blue XL Cannondale Road Warrior 400 #S091147. Had pedal clip-ons, water bottle holder, battery tail-light mounted low on left rear fork.  Made in U.S.A.

SeniorNet at the Senior Center

It’s within walking distance; right where Lincoln Court runs into Lincoln Avenue.

Today’s User Group presentation was titled “Blogs Can Improve Your Life!”

  • What is a “Blog” (aka Weblog)?
  • Surfing around the “Blogosphere”
  • Finding interesting Blogs
  • Reading and navigating Blogs
  • Joining the “Blogosphere”
  • Publishing your own Blog

Blogger was mentioned as one free service. I’d also like to suggest WordPress, the host of this blog. Do you know of any others?

How many streets … ?

… named Lincoln Court are there in the world?

Here’s a few of the U.S. cities with a Lincoln Court:

Where do you live?