Fresh Milk!

It was one of those too-hot summer days not long ago when I put the cereal into the refrigerator and the organic milk into the cupboard.  The next day we were surprised to find that the milk hadn’t spoiled.  

Ultra-pasteurized, huh?  I looked it up and was shocked to find what a stretch it is to even call it milk! It is processed to the point where it does not need to be refrigerated. This enables it to travel great distances. (Cheap “milk” from China, anyone?)
Next, some more research and another surprise: Goat milk is more digestible than cow milk because the fat molecules are one-fifth the size!
Fortunately, we in this valley DO have access to a direct source of raw goat milk from one of the last remaining small farms.  I’ve been going there for a couple months, and am impressed.

Goats on a farm

Would any of you like to join me in a regular milk run?  We could alternate trips and delivery. Kefir and homemade goat cheese are also available.


Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans …

… delivered direct from the coffee roaster, makes not just a good cup of coffee, but a really outstanding cup of coffee.

Would you like to know when it’s ready? I’ll send you an email as they’re being roasted, and you can reply either yes or no. Then 30 minutes later there will be a one pound bag at your door, still warm! You’ll have to let them cool off first, then you can spoil your taste buds forever.

Notice: The above is only conjecture. Sorry.

Fresh Fish – Whole Trout

The nearby grocery store displays a handful of whole trout on an unpredictable timetable. Because sometimes these Oncorhynchus lie there too long without selling, the grocery store has considering dropping the offering completely.

The problem is that the customers, who are willing to buy it fresh whenever it appears, don’t know exactly when that time is.

How about if one of us, on discovering the new supply, lets the rest of us know?