Fowl Weather

These pretty birds paid us a visit after the rain:

Click on the above image to see a mildly amusing YouTube video of their encounter with the pool sweep.


What Lurks Below

It was seven or eight years ago when I started noticing a depression on the lawn in our back yard. Jumping up and down on it made me think there might be buried treasure.

I took a shovel and cut into the grass around the edge of the depression when suddenly whoosh! The circle of lawn disappeared. It was a sunny day and all I could see was a dark black hole. I must have turned completely white because all I could do for a while was stand there in shock.

That’s why they call it a “yardstick”, right?

Marleigh wants to know what I’m doing down there.

This deep, brick lined hole was the overflow for an ancient septic system. All the bricks were completely clean, with just one dry nasty pipe poking into it from the side.

One time I surprised some visitors by hiding in our “stink hole” and lighting my face with a flashlight when they peeked into it.

We eventually filled it completely with concrete slurry.

Ahhh … stretchhhhh …

We’re happy to see Thunder, our parakeet, waiting for us when we get home. On the other hand, The Machine also beckons!

This contraption, which I like to call Gravity Machine* (possibly a misnomer), is the best Christmas present ever.

Nothing like sloshing plasma from toes to head and back again. And, speaking of BACK! … feel those discs lift & separate. I’m taller just thinking about it!

*today I’m calling it our Inversion Machine.

Really Wild Pool Party

Those screechings you may have heard last night at 3 AM were coming from our backyard.  I ran out there with a flashlight and found a couple of raccoons swimming in the pool. The bright light scared one of them into climbing out and up the fence.  The other continued dog paddling in circles nonchalantly in the water.  It had sounded like they were fighting with each other. Maybe just having a good time.

By the time I fetched my camera, this one was off into the neighbors yard.


Remember that 1968 Burt Lancaster movie “The Swimmer“?